Effective Drugs Not Priced For The Low Income Consumer

Effective Drugs Not Priced For The Low Income Consumer

Several new biologic drugs have been approved by the FDA to treat psoriasis since 2003, as an example of the price of an inflated drug that most low-income people may not have access to because skyrockets Medicaid and Medicare will not pay for them because of the prices. . The new blood thinner “Alicis” is paid by Medicid and Medicare for $ 200 per bottle. COPD inhalers that are fairly new are also paid by the government in the region of $ 150 per pop without hesitation. Some states pay for a very expensive $ 400 and nothing above the hearing aid. So why are there no new biologic drugs that treat psoriasis since 2003, after it was paid by the government?

I think this is a moment where I am going to answer the question asked by the readers of this article. In the above article I posted to go along with the article that the author treats these biologic drugs for the treatment of psoriasis will not be available to those who are on Medicid and Medicare due to the price. All pharmaceutical companies that have created their own biological psoriasis treatments have pushed people on Medicaid and Medicare away from receiving treatment with these drugs through the high cost of medicines. The Medicare Part D prescription drug plan will pay the wholesale cost of “biological” but the co-payment is between $ 1200 and $ 5000 which still prevents people from being organic.

Spin is some of these biopharmaceutical companies that have programs to supply medicines free of cost to low-income patients who only have private insurance. Pharmaceutical companies have stated in several articles that I have read that if patients have Medicare or Medicaid they will not be eligible for free programs.

These biological psoriasis treatments are not life-saving, so Medicare and Medicaid do not recognize inflated costs as required by pharmaceutical companies. Pharmaceutical companies know this and want it that way. When these biological psoriasis treatments entered the drug market in 2003, they were affordable and insurance companies incurred costs on paying reasonable deductions. After 2012, insurance companies started evacuating people with psoriasis because payments on biological treatments were becoming too expensive.
The “EpiPen injector” used to treat heroin overdoses was viciously attacked by the US government, when the company’s owner charged it so much that only the rich could actually afford them. Medicaid and Medicare cover generic EpiPen in some states but reject brand names. I have come to my own conclusions about why this and other high drug prices are happening, keeping some of these drugs out of the reach of many people who are on Medicare and Medicaid.

come! Of course this “Big Pharma” is a collusion between the pharmaceutical industry and members of Congress. But when the collusion deal goes bad, the pharmaceutical industry is forced to.

When these scandals to gain personal wealth are revealed, as in the ongoing opioid epidemic, where billions of dollars are being paid by pharmaceutical companies, our congressional representatives who stay away from opioids, however Insurance businesses go with no investment. A chance of retaliation for joining the plan.

If you look at Canada, which is a country where the government has to pay for all health care costs, you will see the lowest prices on quality medicines anywhere because the government lowers government spending. All pharmaceutical companies that produce high-profit drug plans to fill their pockets are destroyed by the Canadian government without question. Our congressional representatives in the US thought of staying away from destroying excessive profits by pharmaceutical companies as they invest in these pharmaceutical companies for their own personal gain. Congress delegates enter Congress with little money and leave with excessive money.

I just bet again that if a person gets access to the investments of our Congress leaders, they will find many examples of drug company investments that are extremely high drug prices on popular essential drugs that are actually a person’s health. Work to improve. Congress voted before granting 20-year patents to pharmaceutical companies because generics can be produced with a 5-year extension if certain conditions are met, suggesting that higher drug prices make Congress insiders invest Opportunities will provide great benefits.

I hear now and again the news shows that the patent time is now 12 years, but I have not seen this 12-year patent time frame on “Wikipedia” or anywhere else. I see that 20 years is a patent time frame. I searched around and found out that after the drug was invented and a patent applied, it could take about 8 years for the FDA to approve which leaves the drug up to 12 years to remain on patent.

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