Relationships: Can Someone Project Their Parent/S Onto Other People?

Relationships: Can Someone Project Their Parent/S Onto Other People?

When it comes to how someone considers another person and the experiences that happen to them, it may not seem like they are making much of an impact. One is simply aware of what this person is like and when they spend time with them, they will not play a part.

Therefore, in both cases there is going to be an observer, which means that they will not have too much control. If they have a good idea about another person and they usually meet with them, this will not be an issue.

Another scenario

On the other hand, if their view of another person is not particularly great and their experiences with them are not much better, they will not be able to turn a blind eye to this person. If it is someone they work with, then they are going to see them about every day of the week.

What can happen when they are around this person and what goes on their mind about them when they are not. At the very least, this person is going to take a lot of his energy.

back in time

If they reflect on how they see this person and the experiences they had when they first came into contact with them, they may find that their attitudes and experiences with them were different. Thus, it would have changed slowly over time.

In addition, there may be many other people where they work who have no problem with this person. As a result of this, these people may wonder why, if they know, there is not one.

A different experience

However, if one cannot relate to it, what they can find is that the above scenario played out in a relationship that is in addition to it. In addition, it can take place in many other relationships that they have.

In the beginning, they may have had a vision of the person and had few experiences with them, and, as time has passed, this may have gradually changed. Thanks to this, it may seem that the other person has completely changed.

Two extremism

The second person would have been one way before and now they would be completely different. What this may mean is that one saw the other as emotional control and now they see them as a problem of anger.

Or, they could see him as someone who was easy enough and now they could see him being controlled. Regardless of what is going on for them, it will not be what it was.

An important question

Now, although one might assume that they are just an observer and not playing any role in what is going on, what if there is something else in it? What if this relationship, with other people, is simply mirroring back what they need to resolve inside themselves?

If so, it would mean that they are not merely observers of their reality; He is both the supervisor and its creator. However, for them to realize what is going on, they will naturally need to pay attention to how their brain works.

back in time

Deep inside them, they are likely to have multiple internal wounds, and most, if not all, of these wounds are likely to be the result of what happened during their early years. However, with the passage of time, his conscious mind has lost touch with most of them.

But, while these wounds will be a mystery to his conscious mind, he will still be in his unconscious mind. And as they are there, it means that they will play a part in the people they are attracted to and they ‘see’ them in the people they serve.

A blank screen

So, even if a lot of the wounds inside them are related to their parents / parents or not, they are going to join other people. For example, it would not be that someone is angry at their parents, but cannot accept that a parent lacks boundaries and has not felt violated; It would be that another person has anger problems or lacks boundaries.

It would be easy to see the projection because it is something that is bad or negative, but it will be completely missed. Due to the nature of the mind and what it will do to avoid pain, it means that, in general, what is happening internally cannot be known directly.

Self knowledge

Defense mechanisms, such as projection, are then what happen that will make someone aware of what is happening inside them. However, if they are performed or they lack awareness, this will not happen.

One has to reflect the fact that they are not observers of their lives and it reflects what is going on in both their conscious and unconscious minds. To do this may require a certain amount of ego strength, or the person may just feel like a victim and blame themselves or they can become defensive and blame others.


If someone can see that they are presenting their issues to others, and they are ready to change their lives, they may need to access external support. Th

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